Managed Security
Keeping Your Business & Customers Safe

Invosys Business’ managed security services are designed to keep your business, your employees and your customers safe at all times. You can choose specific aspects of your businesses’ security requirements for our team to manage or you can leave everything in their trusted hands - the choice is yours.

Some of the aspects of your security that we can manage include your firewalls, antivirus software, data protection, web security and email security.

Why Choose Our Managed Security Services?

Entrusting your businesses’ cybersecurity needs with Invosys Business means putting yourself in the hands of a dedicated security provider with over two decades of experience keeping businesses protected. Our managed security services can take care of every aspect of your cybersecurity needs and are designed to take the pressure off your business so that you can focus on what you do best.

We can manage as much or as little of your cyber security as you need and provide free initial consultations to evaluate your businesses’ current vulnerabilities and security level.


As part of our managed security services, Invosys Business can set up and manage your firewall for you with a number of options available. Firewalls are the first line of defence for businesses when it comes to protecting their network. They monitor all traffic connecting to the internet and can stop untrustworthy or malicious traffic in its tracks.

We have a direct relationship with the industry renowned firewall specialist SonicWall, who provides our customers with robust and reliable security systems as well as expert advice and assistance where required.

Antivirus & Malware

Invosys Business can provide fully managed antivirus and malware solutions that meet every business’ requirements and budget. Viruses and Malware have the potential to damage your computer systems, data, and cause mass disruption to your operations. Keeping your business protected from this type of threat requires an airtight cybersecurity setup with antivirus and antimalware software, which we can assess and provide.

Data Recovery & Protection

Invosys Business can help your business protect its data and can provide recovery services should you experience a loss of data. Nowadays, protecting your customers’ and your employees’ data is also a legal requirement, so ensuring your business is doing all it can is critical. Our data protection methods and technology can keep your business and your customers protected from cybercrime and loss of data.

Web Security

Our managed web security services protect businesses from all types of internet born threat by providing managed multilayered internet security measures. This includes two-step authentication by ESET for mobile networks and internet security. For businesses protecting sensitive data, Invosys Business can provide multilayered web security measures that ensure data breaches through the web never have the chance to occur.

Email Security

Invosys Business works with ESET to provide customers with world class email security, which keeps their businesses, customers and employees safe from harm. Email fraud, phishing, identity theft and other email-based attacks are amongst the most common (and costly) types of cybercrime modern businesses face. It is therefore hugely important that every business has measures in place to tackle email-based threats head on. We can manage your entire email security requirements, provide help and advice, or ongoing consultations to support your team.

Remain Compliant With Modern Laws

Ensuring that your business meets all relevant compliance requirements is not always easy. Our consultants can work with your business to make sure that your cyber security setup meets all compliance factors required by your industry or customers.

Keep Systems up to Date

It can be difficult making sure that your cyber security setup is up to date and the best it can be at all times. When choosing our managed cybersecurity services, your business benefits from the knowledge that we will make sure your systems remain up to date, making updates as and when required.

Know How Your Business is Vulnerable

Not being aware of the threats your business is facing and any potential vulnerabilities can spell disaster for your business. When a customer comes to Invosys Business, we always begin with an initial audit to evaluate where a business is vulnerable and what threats they are facing. We then feed this information back before recommending a solution.