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In the digital age, connectivity is crucial to any business. Some of the most popular connectivity choices for businesses include Broadband, WiFi and Ethernet but there are still many more to choose from. With different types of connections suiting individual businesses, it's important to know that you are getting the solution best suited to your business, which is where Invosys Business comes in.

Our team of consultants and engineers have been providing connectivity solutions to businesses for over two decades. They always begin by evaluating your businesses’ needs, both now and for the future, before recommending a solution tailored to your requirements.

Single Site Business

Many businesses have only one location or site, and in this case, it’s most important to focus on providing the most stable and reliable internet connection possible at a cost-effective rate. Our connectivity options provide a consistently stable connection, and many allow for simple flexibility should you wish to expand further down the line whilst still remaining affordable.

Multi-Site Business

Having a consistent internet connection across each premise is vital to keeping your business connected. Invosys Business can provide internet solutions that offer a high speed and consistent internet connection whilst still being easily scalable and deployable across multiple sites. This includes broadband, public WiFi and Ethernet with rapid deployment available if required.

Public WiFi

Public WiFi lets users in your area access your network by entering your unique network key. There are several different types of public WiFi available, with a range of different speeds and security settings to choose from. Invosys Business also offers branded public WiFi. This lets users log into your network using their email or social account, through a branded page which can be used to promote new offers or capture customer’s data for marketing.

Tailored Connectivity Solutions

No matter what type of connection or speed you have in mind, Invosys Business can tailor a solution to meet your business’ needs whilst still remaining cost-effective. We do this by offering all of our customers a full consultation to understand their businesses’ needs and current limitations, before providing a solution tailored to them.

Slow Connection Speeds

Different businesses have different requirements when it comes to connectivity. Some businesses download more whilst others upload more frequently - which all has to be taken into consideration. No matter how fast a connection you need, Invosys Business can recommend a solution with the bandwidth you require at the right price to ensure your business is never restricted by its internet speed.

Insecure Networks

WiFi and other forms of public internet have a reputation for being insecure. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as there are many options for secure networks that still offer access to multiple guests and users you may not know. Whether you require parallel systems or multi-level access, Invosys Business can provide an internet solution with privacy and security settings tailored to your businesses’ needs to ensure your connection is secure at all times.

Lack of Scalability

Expanding a connectivity solution to cover multiple sites can be difficult and expensive. Invosys Business has many options for connectivity including WiFi, Broadband, Ethernet, DSL, MPLS and SD-WAN that can be deployed across many locations and can be used to join networks to create one much larger corporate network.

Dedicated Network Solutions

These network solutions provide businesses with a consistent high-speed internet connection whilst still remaining cost efficient and scalable.


Ethernet offers the highest speed internet connection available to businesses directly through fixed cables. Ideal for businesses that use live applications such as video conferencing, Ethernet provides a constant high speed connection, unlimited download speeds and the ability to send and receive information at the same time.

Leased Lines and Private Networks

Leased lines and private networks are the go-to choices for businesses that need a secure and dedicated network for their employees to work on. Our engineers can set up and manage leased lines and private networks so that your network and the devices within it remain secure and running at the highest speed possible at all times.

Temporary Solutions

Businesses that regularly change location, or need to move quickly, often need a short term or temporary internet solution. Similarly, if your business experiences an unexpected internet outage, a temporary solution can get your business back up and running with minimal disruption. Our engineers can rapidly deploy a solution to keep your business connected, no matter what the situation may be.

Specific Solutions

Solutions that answer the unique network requirements of businesses. For those that need to prioritise internet usage, save on costing or create a bespoke network, we provide and manage specific advanced solutions for complex connectivity issues.


Digital Subscriber Lines use a businesses’ existing phone lines to access the internet. This gives businesses a high speed and stable internet connection without the need for new installation. Our DSL services can help businesses save on costs without impacting their connection quality.


Multiprotocol Label Switching speeds up and shapes internet usage within your network. MPLS sorts and prioritises usages of your internet connection based on the class of service, for example IP phone, Skype etc. With MPLS, we help businesses manage their internet usage and ensure that the most important devices and applications are given priority.


Software Defined Wide Area Network is a way of connecting several different types of networks such as 4G, broadband and MPLS to create one much larger area network. This is ideal for connecting offices, branches and sites by turning them into a central corporate area network instead of several stand-alone networks, making network management much simpler.

Why is Having The Right Connectivity So Important?

Connectivity in modern business is key to ensuring your business can communicate with clients, customers and employees effectively at all times. With more and more business software becoming internet connection dependent, experiencing even a short internet outage can result in a decrease in efficiency and loss of profits for your business.

Utilising connectivity for businesses has many advantages, from instant back ups to seamless remote working. But these advantages only come with a strong connection.

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