Communication solutions
To Suit Every Business

Invosys Business has been providing businesses in the UK with a wide range of communications solutions for over two decades. Throughout our many years of helping businesses, we have grown and developed our range of products and services so that we can cater to every size of business and industry sector.

Whether you need an entirely new phone system or to upgrade the functions and features of your current setup, our team are able to tailor a solution to meet your business’ needs.

We can provide a complete phone system for businesses with many different options so your communication solution can be fully customised to your needs. Our solutions include Hosted VoIP, hardware such as handsets and mobiles, SIP trunking and inbound call routing technology.

What Can Our Phone Systems Offer?

Improved Caller Experience

By using internet based phone systems (commonly known as VoIP), businesses can readily access a range of advanced features for call handling that can be difficult and often expensive to access with traditional landlines. This includes functions such as call diverting, call recording, advanced voicemail options and much more.

Reliable Connection

Traditional ISDN phone lines are reliant on dated technology that can be prone to downtime and outages leaving businesses without communications. VoIP, on the other hand, uses the internet to make and receive phone calls. This means that as long as a business has access to a stable internet connection, they will have consistent and reliable service.

Multiple & Memorable Numbers

With VoIP phone systems, businesses can use cloud-based virtual numbers, whereas ISDN users are often tied to a geographic number. VoIP means that businesses can either choose a more memorable number to use or use multiple numbers from different area codes to increase their geographical presence.

Surviving the ISDN Switch-off

As of 2025, all active ISDN lines will be switched off, which means that IP telephony will be the next step for businesses. We can help you get ahead of the curve and find a great product at a cost-effective price, rather than rushing to find a solution before ISDN ceases.

Hardware Solutions

Invosys Business supplies a range of different hardware, including a wide range of mobile phones and desk phones. All of the hardware that we supply can be fully provisioned before being sent to your business so that you can use it straight out of the box.

We ensure your hardware is fully compatible with your phone system and other technologies, and can help set up your call routing plan with all of the devices you need.

Cloud Phone Systems

Our cloud phone systems use the internet to provide advanced functionality and features to businesses. We let businesses pick and choose the functionality they need from their phone system so that they are only paying for features that they actually use. Businesses looking for feature rich solutions can take advantage of our highly competitive rates and packages.

Call Recording

Call recording is valuable for businesses for training and legal reassurance. Our hosted phone systems have many options for call recording,allowing businesses to switch call recording on or off at a moment’s notice and to securely store recordings for up to 7 years. Recordings can be easily accessed at any point from an online site, or can be delivered to email inboxes of your choice.

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Auto-receptionist allows you to set up interactive menus for your business numbers. When a caller rings your line, they will be presented with options that will help them direct themselves to the destination they need. You can also link other advanced features to the service, including automated call queuing, voicemail to email options, priority and blacklisted numbers, welcome messages and custom service audios.

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Audio Conferencing

Having multiple callers active on one call with traditional ISDN telephones can be difficult and expensive. Our hosted telephones make audio conferencing simple as attendees can log on from wherever they may be by entering the conference’s unique ID pin. Our conferencing services are easy to use with simple pricing that makes sure you always get the best deal.

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