Cloud phone systems
Flexible communications

Cloud phone systems are telephones that use the internet rather than traditional ISDN phone lines to make and receive calls. Using the internet for communications can have huge benefits for businesses including call quality, scalability and costings.

Invosys Business can help businesses take advantage of these many benefits and improve the way they communicate exponentially.

Why Use the Cloud For Your Calls?

Create Complex Call Routes

By using the cloud for calls, businesses have access to a host of advanced call routing features that can be difficult and expensive to implement through traditional ISDN telephony.

Reliable Connection

Being able to make and receive calls directly relies on having an internet connection. As long as your internet is stable and consistent, you never have to worry about drops in service or outages.

Divert Calls to Mobiles

By using a cloud based PBX to manage calls, businesses are able to divert calls to multiple devices inside and outside of their local network. If the phones in your office were to go down, you can divert call traffic to mobile devices to ensure calls never go unanswered.

Disaster Recovery

If your business is experiencing an outage or downtime, having a cloud phone system in place will allow you to instantly divert to your pre-configured disaster recovery plan. The possibilities for your DR plan are limitless and can include a combination of the advanced features available with our cloud phone systems.

Gain Insight to Your Business

The cloud phone systems offered by Invosys Business give businesses access to detailed insights via reporting. The types of call stats that can be tracked include the number of calls unanswered, the average wait time for callers, peak times for call traffic and much more.

Hosted Phone Systems Added Functionality

Call Recording

Used by businesses of all sizes and industry for training and legal purposes, Call Recording gives businesses the ability to monitor the quality and contents of calls. This valuable resource to businesses can easily be achieved with our selection of internet telephone systems.


Auto-Receptionist or IVR Menus are a way of letting callers redirect themselves when they arrive at your business line. Whether your business is a single or multi-site operation, Auto-Receptionist can help save you and your staff time, increase efficiency and improve the caller experience.

Remote/Flexible Working

Employees can work remotely from anywhere they have an internet connection with cloud phone systems. Hunt groups let several agents in different locations work in one shared network and hot desking allows employees to move their call handling preferences to any phone that is connected to the internet.

Disaster Recovery

In business, things can wrong. That’s why it is important to have a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure total continuity of service. Cloud phone systems let businesses pre-configure their disaster recovery plans with limitless options for diverting to alternative destinations and features.

Audio Conferencing

Sometimes businesses need to share ideas between employees, offices or multiple locations on a shared call. Despite this, having multiple people on an audio conference isn’t always easy or secure, and can often come with expensive premium charges.

What Makes Our Phone Systems Special?

Over two decades of experience in providing phone systems to businesses has put Invosys Business in a unique position. As a provider, we have developed our offerings to meet the shift in the telecommunications market from ISDN to cloud telephone systems.

We now offer inbound, hosted and SIP phone systems from the trusted telecommunications software vendors Invosys as well as AVAYA, both of whom we have direct relationships with. We also provide hardware such as desk phones and mobiles that can be fully provisioned to include software and call handling preferences.

How Can Our Phone Systems Help Your Business?

Reduce Costs

Calls made over the internet typically carry lower charges than those made over ISDN lines. Our phone systems are a cost efficient alternative to ISDN and can help your business reduce costs for communications.

Improve Communications

Whether you want to provide a richer experience for callers, keep your offices better connected or improve the voice quality of your calls, our cloud phone systems can help improve your businesses’ communications.

Future Proof Your Business

Being ready for the future should be at the forefront of every businesses’ mind when considering their communications. With the switch of ISDN in 2025, traditional phone line based telephony has become end of life. We can prepare your business for the future by helping you switch to cloud based communications.

Provide Reliability

As long as a business has an internet connection, they can make and receive phone calls with their cloud phone systems. If they were to run into any type of fault, our onsite support team can provide real time solutions to protect their businesses’ efficiency.