Call Recording
Reliable, Secure, essential

Used by businesses of all sizes and industry for training and legal purposes, Call Recording gives businesses the ability to monitor the quality and contents of calls. This valuable resource to businesses can easily be achieved with our selection of internet telephone systems.

Invosys Business offers a range of phone systems that have integrated call recording technology including our Hosted, Inbound and SIP solutions.

  • There is no need for expensive onsite hardware.
  • Recordings can be stored for up to 7 years.
  • You can choose to have call recording always active or at select times.
  • Recordings can be stored locally or sent to an inbox of your choice.
  • You pay for the amount of recording capacity you need.

Improve Employees’ Performance

Being able to listen to employees’ past calls with customers allows you to retrospectively evaluate and improve their performance.

Use Recordings For Training Purposes

Having recordings saved for up to 7 years allows businesses to access and use recordings for training purposes whenever they need them. This can help businesses retrospectively evaluate the performance of agents and improve customer service.

Protect Your Business and Employees

If a verbal agreement is made between your employee and a caller, you have access to that conversation should you need to prove it. In the case of an accusation or complaint being made against one of your agents, you have the reassurance of call recordings.

Capturing Missed or Forgotten Details

If a phone operator misses or forgets an important piece of information, it can still be retrieved by listening to the call recording at a later date.

Adhere to Regulatory Compliance

If regulatory compliance applies to your business, you can prove that it is being followed by your phone operators.

Secure Call Recordings

Rest assured that call recordings can only be accessed by those you give permission to. There are also options to restrict specified recordings, should you need to do so.