Find out more about the benefits of remote working.

As the weeks and months of the COVID-19 lock down pass, the picture of our post-pandemic world becomes clearer. It is therefore not surprising that, in the current climate, many companies, especially SMEs, are becoming increasingly mobile and offer flexible working and hot-desking, leading to a global shift to working from home (WFH).

What initially looked like a short-term adaptation is now the “new norm”.

working from home

As a result, employers started addressing questions arising around the remote work setting. Does remote working influence the productivity of employees? Do we need to upgrade our software and IT equipment? Will working-from-home affect the customer experience?

Whilst the transition from office to home base seems overwhelming, remote work brings a plethora of benefits.

Better Work-Life Balance

Working from home, especially with flexible working hours, means that employers can start and end their working day as they choose which makes attending to the needs of your personal life easier.

Organisations also benefit from remote working staff since this enables focusing on objective based performance rather than time based approaches. This means that people’s productivity is improved by measuring clear achievable goals rather than time spend in an office.

Less Commute Stress

With an average daily commuting time of 48 minutes in the UK, home based workers spend less time travelling to and from work. This has a positive effect on both mental and physical health, as individuals have more time to sleep, exercise and develop healthy eating habits.

Remote working also has a positive effect on the environment since greenhouse gasses and fuel use are reduced with less people commuting to work.

Location independence

A smaller number of office-based workers renders large offices unnecessary. The reduction of office space reduces rent and allows you to save costs. Offering remote working also gives you a greater choice of candidates who may not want to commit to daily commutes or relocation.

Increased efficiency

Having home-based employees enables you to transfer work overflow from office to home workers, allowing you to take on more customers and handle more calls. Flexible working hours also allow extended working hours for your business.

working from home

With all the changes and adaptations, now is the time to take a step back and consider if your current set up is giving you, your staff and more importantly your customers the best possible experience. Do employees have the tools to communicate and collaborate with each other? Is the business still accessible and contactable for customers?

We offer a range of remote working solutions and can improve your working experience and productivity.

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You can work from anywhere with our mobile phone contracts. We can also offer mobile phone apps which allow you to present your business number when making a call.

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