Fast, reliable and secure connectivity

The ISDN switch off is looming over us and this means that all analogue and digital telephone lines will be cut off in 2025. THE ISDN phone lines are being phased out due to the fact that they are an old fashioned, legacy technology which can ultimately run up extreme maintenance costs and drawbacks. Therefore, these ISDN lines will be replaced with SIP Trunking, which is a future-ready solution that remains completely digital but it ensures that the calls are transmitted through the internet. With this switch off in mind, you will need the best and most reliable connectivity as possible. After all, all your new calls will be completely reliable on the internet.

With this Switch Off, leased lines will become more utilised. Now what is a leased line you may ask? Well, it is a leased line is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth data connection. It allows data-hungry businesses to have a reliable, high-quality internet connection with guarantees of the same upload and download speed, uptime and resilience. There are many advantages of using a leased line which run alongside of what we can offer at Invosys.

Here at Invosys we are helping hundreds of businesses review how is best to plan and implement the changes which will inevitably happen due to the ISDN Switch Off. By planning ahead not only will you feel more prepared but you will begin to understand the benefits of our connectivity. Our Invosys high speed connectivity does not only just give you and your business unlimited usage and a competitive advantage, but you will also benefit from a plethora of other things…

Reliable connectivity

By choosing Invosys you will ensure a reliable connection for your business which due to the ISDN Switch Off will end up being the heart of your business’ communication. The dedicated Invosys lines are for your business and your business only, so you don’t have to share connectivity with other users as it is solely for you and your business. Not only is privacy served with this line, but you can rest assured that Invosys can provide reliable and secure connections that are not subject or impacted by peak times.

![Speed](/img/emailbodyimage (4).png "Speed")

Another added benefit of Invosys is that we offer speed up to 1 GB, therefore, you can upload as fast as you can download.

Support and Control

It is important to us at Invosys that you feel you are in control of your access; therefore, you are. With the Invosys Internet lines you stay in control of who can access your connectivity and don’t have to share it. This way you can enable your staff to connect their PCs from home which is fitting due to the current circumstances we all find ourselves in.

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