Where are you eating your Christmas dinner this year?

Are you looking forward to taking some well deserved time off this festive period? Or are you worried about who will be answering the office phone whilst you are away…

We know that for many business owners, relaxing and unwinding can be difficult over Christmas. Often topping the list of worries is – ‘who will answer the office phone?’ whilst everyone is away.

So what choices do you have? Let potentially important business calls go unanswered? Rope in one of your staff members to answer the phone? Or take your turkey dinner at your desk courtesy of a festively themed supermarket sandwich?

Number Manager may be the solution to your Christmas conundrum.

call diverts

Take calls from anywhere with Call Diverts

Whether you are at home, visiting the in-laws, or out and about this Christmas, Number Manager lets you answer calls to your business from anywhere with call diverts.

How? Number Manager lets you route and redirect calls from your business lines to any destination or device of your choice. Point call traffic to your mobile phone and if a call does come in, you can answer it wherever you are with minimal disruption to your festivities.

In the middle of your dinner? If you point the traffic to multiple destinations then someone else within your network can pick up the call for you.

Problem solved.

Out of office hours settings

We don’t blame you if you don’t want to take any calls this Christmas.

But to make sure the new year goes off to a good start, it’s important you let your customers know you will be unavailable. If you don’t, customers might continue to frustratedly ring your lines which can damage your relationship with them (and most certainly put you on their naughty list).

How can Number Manager help? Set your out of office to refuse calls for a period of time, and play a message to the caller letting them know you are unavailable and when you will get back to them.

Keep in the loop with missed call alerts

So you missed a call, it’s not the end of the world. But…can you really afford to pass up on a potential new business opportunity?

Don’t beat yourself up. Number Manager has built-in messaging functions for missed calls, with email alerts and notifications, so that you or your staff can get back to the caller at a later date.

call diverts

Don't be the office Grinch this Christmas

Roping in one of your staff members to pull the Christmas shift this year may not make you the most popular person in the office. (You may well find a dartboard featuring your face erected in the staff room upon your return.) And sitting by the desk phone yourself will likely cause a frosty reception when you finally go home.

So, let Number Manager do all the hard work for you this Christmas and enjoy your time off knowing you will return to an office of happy faces this January.