What does digital transformation actually mean?

More than just a buzzword

However, as we are living in the digital age, digital transformation is well deserving of its place at the forefront of businesses’ minds. But what does digital transformation really mean and, more importantly, what could it mean for your business?

digital transformation

So, what is digital transformation?

Digital transformation occurs when a business incorporates digital technologies into its structure in order to promote positive changes, such as operational efficiency, economic stability or compliance.

Sound complicated? It can be as simple as changing paper documents to electronic. Or as complex as a complete overhaul of a businesses’ electronic systems.

As the business world and the economic landscape evolve, digital transformation ensures that businesses change alongside them – matching trends and meeting developments head on.

How is digital transformation helping businesses?

Digital transformation is helping established businesses remain relevant in modern markets and industries by highlighting areas where a little digital intervention could improve their current situation.

One of the most common strategies for digital transformation revolves around migrating files, software and emails to the Cloud. It’s a simple step (and can be surprisingly cheap too), with huge benefits for businesses across the board.

digital transformation

Digital transformation - Embracing the Cloud

Migrating to The Cloud has several benefits for organisations who are willing to make the change.

Flexibility – Scaling, changing sites and moving files is simple with the Cloud.

Disaster Recovery – The Cloud helps SME’s that struggle to implement disaster recovery put DR in place.

Security – Losing devices containing sensitive data is no longer a problem with The Cloud.

Work From Anywhere – Cloud solutions enable remote working with applications such as Office 365.

digital transformation