Three technology New Year's resolutions

Hello from the team at Invosys Business! We hope that you had a great Christmas and enjoyed some well deserved time off. As we say goodbye to 2018, it is also the time to say bon voyage to any bad habits we may have been harbouring throughout the year.

Not sure what your bad technology habits might be, or if you have any at all? Give our three resolutions a read and see if any of them apply to you…

Stop putting off that update

We’ve all been there, hitting ‘close’ the moment the dreaded update pops up in a bid to cram in a couple more minutes of work (or grab a few more overdue Christmas gifts) before it restarts.

They may be annoying, but updates are crucial to ensure your systems keep performing optimally and safely at all times.

Noticed your computer has began to take things a bit slower? No, it’s not getting tired in its old age, its just waiting for you to finally install the latest system update and give it a new lease of life!

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Back up your devices

Do you ever find yourself fretting over the thought of losing everything stored on your devices?

In June 2018, research conducted during the annual Backup Awareness month found that over 40% of computer users have still never carried out any kind of file back up on their devices.

This means that the 40% of people surveyed are only a spilled coffee away from losing all of their files, data and applications.

This is astonishing given the current accessibility of Cloud Computing. Start your new year right with a full backup, or migrate to the cloud to give yourself peace of mind.

Stop using outdated technology

You would be surprised by how many people still use outdated technology daily.

No, we don’t mean your parent’s cassette tape deck player they routinely dig out to listen to the golden oldies, outdated technology may well be sitting right under your nose (or in front of it).

To give an example, Windows XP is still the third most popular operating system in the world despite Microsoft discontinuing security support way back in 2014. This means that all of users of XP cannot guarantee their computer’s total safety from viruses and other cyber threats.

Don’t become complacent with your technology, the moment its legacy status poses a threat to you, it’s time to think about upgrading.

Not sure whether your technology is up to scratch? We can help with a free technology audit.

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Stick with it!

The most important part of any new year’s resolution is keeping at it. You can only change your life and your business through sticking it out. Try setting reminders for carrying out back ups or schedule monthly tech reports to keep yourself on track.

And if you need any further help with your technology, we are always here to lend a hand.

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