How the grinch stole Christmas: Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is actually pretty seasonal.

Believe it or not, cybercrime in the UK is actually pretty seasonal with recorded breaches being at their lowest during the hotter months of the year (we can only assume cybercriminals take their holidays during summer) and spikes in crime occurring during the winter months.

Of those winter months, December is the worst for cybercrime.

With everyone so focused on getting into the Christmas spirit and businesses taking some of the highest amounts of profits for the entire year during this period, dastardly cybercriminals akin to the cave-dwelling Grinch have the perfect opportunity to spoil everyone’s Christmas.

cybercrime in the uk

How can we all protect ourselves during December?

There are some simple steps individuals and businesses can take to protect themselves from the threat of cybercrime this festive period.

Lock your systems before your doors

cybercrime in the uk

Before you rush out the door to finish for the Christmas holidays this year, make sure that you have locked your systems from the access of criminals with an airtight cybersecurity setup.

Investing in cybersecurity software may require upfront investment but the money it can save your business long term if you were to be attacked will vastly outweigh that price.

Christmas is already an expensive time for us all, the last thing you need is to be out of pocket due to a hacker bypassing your subpar security systems and exploiting your data.

Keep your passwords up to date

cybercrime in the uk

Regularly changing your passwords is good practice for protecting yourself and your business from cybercrime.

It doesn’t matter how genius you think your password is, cybercriminals are now taking the guesswork out of the equation with new devices for cracking passwords.

We suggest changing your passwords at regular intervals and using a long sequence of both letters and numbers each time you do so. The more characters you include and the more often you change your password, the more difficult it will be for these types of devices to crack your password.

Before you leave this Christmas, give yourself peace of mind and change all of your passwords to keep those opportunistic cybercriminals at bay.

Keep cybercriminals' hands off your phone lines

cybercrime in the uk

Making sure your telephone lines remain protected over Christmas is just as important as keeping your IT systems safe. Often overlooked, Telecommunications fraud actually costs UK businesses close to £2 billion pounds each year.

And the worst time for phone hackers to strike? You guessed it…Christmas.

A few years ago, Hambleton District Council lost £30,000 over Christmas Day and Boxing Day due to Hundreds of calls being made through the council’s PBX to international destinations such as Ethiopia, Pakistan and Bosnia.

Don’t make the same mistake, lock your phone systems with an alphanumeric lock and put daily spending limits in place for your services. This way you will never be left vulnerable to telecoms fraud.

Have a great Christmas!

Now that you know about cybercrime in the UK at Christmas and the preventive steps you need to take, all that there is left to say is that we hope you have a great Christmas from everyone at Invosys Business! If you have any more questions regarding cybercrime in the UK and telecoms fraud management, please do not hesitate to get in touch.