Has your technology passed its expiry date?

Similar to other perishables, if you continue to use technology past its expiration point, you run the risk of things going wrong. Just like consuming expired food may leave you with a dodgy stomach the day after, when you find out how much outdated technology may be costing your business, you may find yourself feeling queasy.

What is out of date technology doing to your business?

When mentioning ‘outdated technology’, most people conjure up images of lonely looking fax machines gathering dust in the corner of their office.

Although they’re not wrong, (after all, who can honestly say they have sent a fax in the last decade?) it isn’t these dusty relics that are doing your business the most harm.

People often forget about the technologies actively being used within their businesses, because they still work, right?

outdated technology

Cat posts are a lot like broken technology

Outdated technologies regularly manage to fly under the radar without being questioned. On the surface, they appear to be functional. The reality, however, is that there is a good chance they’re not performing optimally.

Think about outdated technology like *that* colleague. You know the one. They do a good enough job – nothing to get mad about. But half of their time in the office is spent posting on Facebook about their cat.

Don’t get us wrong, we all love a good Mr.Whiskers post. He’s a great cat.

But it’s this kind of “just good enough” that could negatively impact your organisation as it can end up costing you money and affecting efficiency in the long term.

How can you protect yourself from outdated technology?

Instead of scrambling to replace every piece of technology within your business the moment the latest model is released, we’ve put together a few more practical and cost saving measures that you can take.

Discuss technology as an organisation

One of the quickest ways to understand which technologies are (and are not) doing your business justice is to sit down with members of your organisation as a collective to discuss them.

Your team know the technology they use. Or at least they’ll know the problems tech is causing them on a daily basis (and will likely love to vent about it).

Ultimately, the greatest understanding of your business technologies will come from the people who actually use them day in, day out. The insights of the various departments and teams within your organisation will help you gauge where technology can be changed to improve efficiency and protect profits.

It may however, have an adverse effect on the office swear jar takings.

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Make sure to carry out all regular software and security updates

We’ve all been there, hitting the 'remind me later' button the moment an update prompt makes it way onto our computer screens.

Updating your computer might not be the most convenient thing to do mid number crunch, but it is necessary. Just like going to the dentist, it’s something you’re going to regret not making time for when you run into a system failure almost as painful as root canal.

Regular updates help ensure your computer is as fast, functional and protected as possible.

If you really don’t have the time at work to update your computer, schedule the update to be completed that night instead. There’s really no excuse!

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Have your technologies audited

Digital transformation is the process of improving and optimising a business through the introduction and implementation of digital technologies. If that sounds a little overwhelming, Invosys Business helps businesses work out how to change the way they operate and help put that in place.

We recently launched our risk assessment campaign which gives UK businesses a free audit of their current technologies to highlight potential areas of improvement.

To get started on your risk assessment follow the link. It takes just 10 mins to run through some simple questions with one of our team, and we’ll send you a detailed analysis of your current technology’s strengths and weaknesses.

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