Auto Receptionist
Handle Inbound Calls Effectively

Our Auto Receptionist service provides multiple advanced call features that can increase efficiency for your team and improve customer experience.

How does it work? Auto Receptionist routes your calls over the internet which allows it to deliver advanced solutions easily and quickly. This can be used with all of our internet telephone solutions including Hosted, SIP and Inbound.

What can Auto Receptionist do for you?

Auto-Receptionist is integrated with our VoIP phone solutions, so you can add a wide range of advanced features to your calls. These can help improve staff efficiency, manage call overflows, and make a great first impression to your callers.

Make your number make sense

As your calls are delivered over the internet, you can have complete freedom with your phone number(s). You can keep your number, or pick a more memorable number using any UK area code. Using a mobile phone? Presenting a landline number to callers can make you seem more professional. Have multiple locations? You can use an area code for each location, or use one number for all branches and route callers by their location.

Create Custom Menus For Your Business

A key feature of Auto Receptionist is the ability to create IVR Menus. This allows you to present custom menus to callers so they can direct themselves to the right destination, without wasting your staff’s time or getting frustrated. Calls can be routed to different locations or departments, or can be used to inform your staff the reason a customer is calling.

Queue Calls to Keep Your Customers

If you’re getting more calls than you can handle, you might be losing potential customers to your competition. 59% of customers won’t leave a voicemail, and most customers only call three times before going elsewhere. With Auto Receptionist, you can automatically queue your callers. You can have multiple queues based on their menu choice, and can even allow specific numbers to jump the queue.

Make Waiting a Better Experience for your Callers

We know there is nothing worse than waiting endlessly for someone to answer your call. With Auto Receptionist, you can fully customise your hold music and welcome messages. You can play recordings to let callers know their position in the queue, or play messages at intervals to reassure them their call will be answered shortly, or can give callers the option to leave a queue to record a voicemail.

Voicemail to email

Auto Receptionist can automatically send your voicemails to your email so you can handle them as easily as possible. The email includes everything needed to handle the call, including the recording, call time, and number that called you. You can choose to have your voicemail sent to as many inboxes as you want, so you can ensure a call is never left waiting.

Automatically Answer FAQs

Are your staff spending their time answering the same questions over and over again? If that’s the case, Auto Receptionist could free up their time to spend on other things. You can play recordings before a call to let callers know about important information, like changes to opening times. You can also set specific recordings to play from a menu, so your callers get the information they’re looking for.

Why Choose Our Auto-Receptionist Service?

  • Callers can direct themselves to the department or person they need.
  • No need for expensive onsite hardware or disruptive installations.
  • Change menu options depending on the time of day or for specific options.
  • Set up multi-layered menu options for callers.
  • Customise menu and service audios to your preferences.
  • Create a unique caller experience complete with advanced features.

How Can Auto Receptionist Help Your Business?

Increase ROI

Auto Receptionist can improve efficiency, allowing your team to take more calls and reducing the number of abandoned calls. This can save your business money and increase your return on investment.

Improve The Customer Experience

Callers are welcomed and directed by automated messages, rather than wasting time being transferred between departments. If your lines are busy, callers are automatically held in a queue rather than being sent to voicemail (or, even worse, hearing dial tone or silence!).

Improve Conversion Rates

Ensure that customers reach the department or individual they need straight away. With more first time solutions and less time spent waiting, your rate for converting callers to customers can be drastically improved.

Manage all of Your Inbound Services

Auto Receptionist is fully integrated with our internet phone systems, which allows you to effectively manage how all of your calls are handled through one simple platform.

Make Instant Changes to Services

Whether you need to route calls to a new destination, change an audio recording or make any other type of adjustment to your service, changes can be made instantly.

Protect Employee Efficiency

Callers to your lines can redirect themselves to the department, person or voicemail box they need without having to speak to an operator, this means less of your employees’ time is wasted manually redirecting calls to other lines.