Audio Conferencing
Collaboration Simplified

Sometimes businesses need to share ideas between employees, offices or multiple locations on a shared call. Despite this, having multiple people on an audio conference isn’t always easy or secure, and can often come with expensive premium charges.

Invosys Business’ audio conferencing service makes getting everyone on the line simple, whilst still offering advanced features for customisation, security and control.

Why Choose Our Audio Conferencing Service?

  • Our audio conferencing services are customisable with unique greeting messages and waiting music.
  • You choose the number type, whether you would like to enable host tracking and if you want to record your conference calls.
  • Keeping conferences entirely secure, a pin access system is in place for calls. This ensures that no one can join your conference accidentally. Private conference ID’s can also be assigned for an extra layer of security.
  • Conference hosts can generate a separate pin to ensure that the conference cannot begin without their attendance.
  • The conference host is able to limit the number of conference attendees allowed to join and also put a lock on failed login attempts.

How Can Audio Conferencing Help Your Business?

Makes Collaborating Simple

Sharing a call with Invosys Business’ audio conferencing could not be easier. Hosts can set up their conferencing preferences and begin hosting a conference instantly.

Save Money on Conference Lines

A cost-effective alternative to premium rate conferencing lines, using our conference services can help your business save money.

Control Who Accesses Your Conference

Our conference services offer a greater level of security than most, with choices for a conference ID and PINs available for confidential calls.

Project a Professional Image

Create a customised conferencing experience for conference attendees by recording messages, choosing waiting music, assigning personal conference IDs and more.